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Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact us.

Why couldn't I add an item into the shopping cart?
This is a live website and everything is sold on a first payment, first serve basis. The item is immediately taken off the website when a secured payment is placed.

Do you take Checks or Money Orders?
Yes. Placing the order is the same as a credit card transaction except the item is placed on hold for you. Check or money order payments are to be received within 7 business days. A tracking number will be emailed to you when the package is shipped. All products will ship when the check or money order clears.

What is your shipping time frame?
We generally ship within two business days.

Does sell email or address lists to third party companies?
No. All customer information is kept internally. does not share, sell, trade or transfer user information to anyone.

How do I get a copy of my online receipt?
You may login and click Order History to view all orders processed under your account. Click on a particular order number to view and print your order details.

Do I have to pay sales tax? automatically collects sales tax when transactions are shipped and received within the same state. Entities that are tax exempted would need to mail or email their Tax Exemption Certificates before the website transaction occurs. See our sales tax chart.

Why do I lose translated pages on checkout? does not support third party software. Browsers, website security and special scripts play a major role whether translated pages download properly. We provide links to many translations for your convenience but using these tools are only served "as is".