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Stump Removal & Grinding - 11 Stumps

Title:  Stump Removal & Grinding - 11 Stumps Item Number:  28528320
Quantity/Capacity:  One Unit Price:  $0
Item Size:   inches Item Weight:  0 lbs.
Colors/Appearance:  N/A Condition:  Used Condition
Manufacturer/Distributor:  N/A UPC/Stock Number:  N/A
Details:               Large Images and Details:
  • Stump Removal & Grinding - 11 Stumps. See the link above for all images. Some stumps are very small because they were bushes. I put a 12 inch ruler next to each one for size evaluation.
  • These stumps are close to each other (same yard) and I need them all removed. Place submit a bid for all 11.
  • INCLUDE IN YOUR EMAIL 1)Name 2)Phone 3)Bid 4)Availability. Located 7 miles south of Nashville in Antioch, TN. (very close to Antioch High School 1900 Hobson Pike, Antioch TN 37013)

Stump Removal & Grinding